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From the Neolithic
to the Postmodern: The Ancient Matriarch
has returned!

Holly Tannen's

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RIME OF THE ANCIENT MATRIARCH features Mark Graham's High and Lonesome, the story of a DJ who finds that life after death is not what he expected. Online Romance and Lily of the Net address the loneliness of the long-distance computer nerd, while Victim of Them expresses a frequently-whimpered whine. Humboldt Wassail celebrates one of Northern California's best-loved agricultural products; the Wailing Wall Wail is a prayer sent to God at his fax machine in Jerusalem. And three of the Entities whom Holly channels (Archdruid Seamus O'Blivious, Nahuatl sorcerer Don Nojué José, and Herr Professor Angst Weltschmerz) wail on the Song of the Suburban Shaman.

"Theologically profound"
- Rabbi Margaret Holub

"A blowtorch aimed at every sacred cow in the spiritual strip mall"
- Mitch Ritter, Dirty Linen

     "Holly Tannen sings in purest Judy Collins style, often to centuries-old melodies, and then all of a sudden you notice she's singing about the Internet, or Beavis and Butthead, or Northern California marijuana growers... Tannen sings these songs as if the ancient ballads were always about things like that and, in a sense, they were."

- Dr. Demento

     From the depths of the primeval Mendocino pygmy forest, Holly Tannen channels Entities from the Half-Astral Plane. Her previous albums include Invocation and Between the Worlds.
     Holly teaches folklore and anthropology, and has has lectured on contemporary magic at U.C. Berkeley and at Yale University. Her article "The Real Old-Time Religion: Towards an Aesthetics of Neo-Pagan Song" (with Sabina Magliocco), appears in Volume 20 #1-2 (1999) of the journal Ethnologies.

From the Neolithic to the Postmodern: