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     Holly will work with you to create a concert suitable to the interests and ages of your audience. A typical concert might include:

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  • Satirical songs about contemporary life: negotiating the Net, the intersection of academic and real life, and the incongruities of a spiritual quest in a materialistic age. Both Holly's own songs and those of the best modern songwriters from Malvina Reynolds to Mark Graham.
  • Seasonal songs from England, Ireland, Wales, and France. Songs to welcome in the May; songs of summer, the harvest, and midwinter. Holly will explain the customs and traditions behind the songs. Many of these songs have refrains or choruses that are wonderful to sing.
  • Ballads of England, Scotland, Canada and the United States. A program might include English, Appalachian, and southwestern versions of the same song, showing the continuity and fluidity of this powerful living tradition. Holly may also focus on the mysterious and magical ballads found across Europe that have come not come down to us in this country.
  • The Soul of the Land. Old and new songs celebrating our connection with the earth and all life.
  • Tunes from England, Ireland, France, and Belgium, and from the American fiddle tradition, played on mountain dulcimer (and piano, if you have one). Holly will show the evolution of styles from the modal melody-against-drones of the Appalachian dulcimer and its European cousins to today's complex chording and fingerpicking.

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