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Songs by Holly Tannen
and her Entities from the Half-Astral Plane

(Rimbaud / Tannen)
Inspired by the "Lettre de Charles d'Orléans à Louis XI pour solliciter la grâce de Francois Villon, menacé de la Potence," by Arthur Rimbaud (age 15).
(Holly Tannen)
In which the author expresses her frustration with very nice people and explains why she is not one of them.
(Noire / Tannen)
Recent research by Frans de Waal ("Chimpanzee Politics") has shown that the African apes formerly known as "pygmy chimpanzees" are a separate species. Bonobos have discovered how to defuse the aggression we had come to think of as "natural."
(Holly Tannen)
An imaginary response to an imaginary letter from some imaginary relatives.
(Pearl Blaggard)
An imaginary response to an imaginary war on imaginary evil by an imaginary government.
(Slim Volume)
"Entartons, entartons, les pompeux cornichons!" ("Let's pie, let's pie, the pompous imbeciles") So chant Belgian entarteur Noel Godin and his cadre gloupinesque, known as les Gloupiers, when they successfully target one of their hapless victims. Includes a smashing gloup-along chorus.
(Slim Volume)
Arthur "Slim" Volume chronicles his short career as a programmer on public radio.
(Holly Tannen)
Being "A Most Lamentable Hystory" and winner of the first annual Worst Song in the World Contest.
(Holly Tannen)
Why do women keep falling in love with musicians?
(Bleugénie Lévi-Strauss)
A folklorist studies neo-pagan ritual.
(Angst Weltschmerz)
Herr Professor Weltschmerz is Chairpersyn of the Department of Anomalistic Phenomenology at College of the Deadwoods in Merdocino, and Director of Camp Schadenfreude, the Prussian Music and Dance Camp. A tip of the Weltschmerz hat to Tom Lehrer.
(Thamuel Taylor Ollieridge)
This poem got Holly booed off the stage at the second annual Worst Song in the World Contest, on the spurious grounds that it was not a song. She'll get even.

Two songs from Holly's Play
Holly's one-woman show about Rimbaud

The Edge Between


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