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Green from Mendocino

Original words and music © (date?) Merle Haggard
New words credit copyright © 2001 Pearl Blaggard

We don't smoke indoors in Mendocino
We don't spend the afternoon in bars
We don't eat our dinner at McDonalds
We don't yak on cell phones in our cars.
I'm proud to be a green from Mendocino
Buildin' me a cabin in the woods
Here in Mendocino we remember
Friends are better than consumer goods.
We don't get the books we read from Oprah
We don't get our blue jeans at the mall
We don't get our news from off the TV
And freedom's still the greatest thrill of all.
We don't wave the flag unless we want to
We don't think that all we read is true
We don't let a gang of Texas oilmen
Tell us what we can and cannot do.
You can be a psychedelic relic
You can be a lesbian or gay
You can be a Mexican or Muslim
In Mendocino County USA.
You can wear your Nikes if you want to
Take your prozac, drink your alcohol
You can wave Old Glory at the courthouse
'Cause freedom's still the greatest thrill of all.

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