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Workshops with Holly Tannen

     I will be happy to work with you to create a workshop designed for your folk club, school, or festival. If there is a specific topic you would like me to address, I often can research it if you give me two to three months advance notice.

  • Magic and Divination
    • Elements of Magic
    • The Wheel of the Year: Creating Seasonal Rituals
    • Introduction to Tarot

  • Alchemy of the Word: the Poetry of Arthur Rimbaud
    with handouts in French & English. No knowledge of French required.

  • Creating & Performing Your Own Songs

  • Performance Skills

  • Traditional Songs
    • Anglo-American Ballads and Ballad Styles
    • Songs of Scotland's Travelling People
    • Seasonal and Ceremonial Songs
      • The Wheel of the Year
      • May Customs and Songs
      • Harvest Customs and Songs
      • Midwinter Customs and Songs

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  • Mountain Dulcimer
    • Beginning Dulcimer
    • Playing in Three or More Keys Without Re-tuning
    • Song Accompaniment
    • Fiddle Tune Accompaniment

  • Silly Songs
    • Silly Song Swap
    • Songs of Sacrilege
    • Erotic and Bawdy Songs
    • Songs of Bad Attitude and Whining

  • Academic Workshops
    • Introduction to Folklore
    • Scotland's Travelling People
      illustrated with slides, tapes, and songs
    • What's So Funny? Analyzing Jokes and Humor
    • Goddesses and Matriarchies: Evaluating the Evidence
    • Contemporary Magic and Neo-pagan Religion

  • Women's Workshops
    • Women's Songs and Chants
    • Heroines and Tricksters in Traditional Ballads

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