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The Didgeridude

words © copyright 2001 Holly Tannen
collected by Arthur "Slim" Volume from Granny Fanny Mae Volume, Merdocino, California, July 2001

tune: "Star of the County Down" or any good tune

It was on the fifth of August, to the woodlands I did stray
There I heard a damsel sore lament, who had once been fair and gay.
I boldly stepp¸d up to her and asked her what was wrong
"Oh, it's all for the sake of the didgeridude whom I have loved so long"

"I met him at the Boonville Fair, it was early in the spring.
Where the apple trees do gaily bloom and the lark and linnet sing.
He stood upon the stage and played so gentle and serene
Upon the finest didgeridoo that I had ever seen.

When he was done he did sit down to rest himself a while
So I sat down beside him, and shyly I did smile
I said, 'Kind sir, I loved your show, but still there's one thing more
Would you play me a tune on your didgeridoo before the night is o'er?'

So he led me by the lily-white hand unto a shady bower
And he played upon his digeridoo three-quarters of an hour.
When he was spent I was content, yet I still craved one thing more
'Oh, may I play on your didgeridoo before the night is o'er?'

'Oh no,' he cried, 'My fair young maid, such thing may never be!
For this is my own didgeridoo and it does belong to me.
My Daddy's Daddy had it, as his Dad had before
Oh you may not play on my didgeridoo, though it grieves your heart
full sore.'

He helped me to my feet and brushed the tears from off my face
He says, 'My dear, I can no longer tarry in this place.'
Now I am forced to wander, alone across this land
Searching for that didgeridude with his didgeri in his hand

With his didgerie, fidgerie, widgerie, smidgerie,
Didgerie in his hand

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