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Goin' Native

new words copyright 1996 Holly Tannen
tune: Makin' Whoopee
Original words by Gus Kahn; music by Walter Donaldson

     For Sabina Magliocco, on the occasion of her receiving a Guggenheim
Foundation grant to study neo-pagan religious ritual.

Another Beltane, another May
Another folklorist has come to stay
She thinks it's thrilling that we're so willing
She's goin' native.
She's got her abstract, she's got her grant
She's learned a neo-pagan chant
The news is leaking, her mother's freaking
She's goin' native.
Picture a sweet young scholar
Getting her PhD
Picture that same young scholar
After a year or three
She's going skyclad and riding brooms
She's doing strange things with mushrooms
Tell her professor he can't suppress her
She's goin' native...

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